Industry experienced, organized, further education guarantied

Even average travellers are well informed about booking their travels, thanks to the internet. Experienced travellers who inform themselves in forums with like-minded individuals wait for special prices, conditions and goodwill practices.

Then there are always those people who just want to get away, no matter where the journey goes. If you want to meet the needs of all those people, you need to be better informed than them and stay up-to-date. GfR makes sure that its employees are always receive the highest level of education in order to pass their knowledge on to the consumer. GfR ensure the continual education of employees through optimal processes, useful tools and a clever method of further educating employees.

Employee statements:

What I like a lot is that you are always growing. I am never bored. That is not just due to the workload but also because the work is so diverse. (Nicole Kunz)

I think that flexibility is an important topic and the result of what we are doing here. Internet based things continue to grow. (NadjaWoitschella)

I like that our work is never the same. That is the best argument for me, that I am always doing something new. (Berit Kedzia)