As fast as online tourism

If you are active in the fast moving tourist industry, you know how fast trends change, innovations appear and business models change. The Internet made those processes even faster. You can only keep up, if you adapt to those changes, just like GfR. We do this on a solid foundation since we are from the travel industry and work with experienced travel agents and agencies. GfR has been a pioneer of the online travel industry. With travelNet, GfR founded one of the first web-based travel-operating-systems more than twenty years ago.

Staying up-to-date

Currently, GfR has its own information management department, who`s only job is to make sure that the employees are up-to-date. The intranet, communication tools and bespoke knowledge management databases are continually updated to make sure that all the new information can be centrally accessed by all, every day. Our Qualitymanagement department makes sure that our high professional standards and the certifications of our clients are upheld. The task of the Qualitymanagement goes beyond controlling. If teams come up with tips or better processes, the Qualitymanagement makes sure that these tips and processes are implemented so that everyone can benefit from them.