As flexible as the clients

We do not rest, just because we have professional competencies. Our internal processes are just as important to us as our external customer processes. This applies to our work-structure just as much as to our technical tools.

Knowing what to do

Our own programmed technical interfaces make it easy for our employees to work with the many varying software requirements that our clients have. We organize our internal processes with a well planned packet of modern programs. That is how our 500 employees know exactly which job needs to be done at what time. This is where we introduce our own developed system: Our “Agent Management Tool” allows our colleagues from central management to allocate the best possible employee for certain tasks. This also allows for the workload to be spread out evenly amongst the employees. That is how our tool helps us to optimally manage your customers.

Proven systems such as Midoco and Inexso also contribute to our splendid programs. These systems allow us to delegate tasks from the phone operators to the back office in order to free up the phone agents for the next waiting caller as quick as possible.

In order for our employees to be fully concentrated on the individual requests coming in from customers, our robotic-software supports our employees with repeating processes. This allows tasks to be handled through partial automation which allows fast and efficient work processes that would otherwise consume unnecessary time.