As good as possible

Well trained travel agents and touristic experts are the pillar of our inbound customer-care. All employees undergo a three to four week training period in order to complete their job at the highest level. This is due to the fact, that the work with customers on the phone in combination with different websites requires specialized knowledge that you can’t learn at a normal travel agency. The training ranges from how to address customers to the technical knowledge how to use different websites and how to deal with complaints.

New knowledge for the job

We don’t just train our employees once. Our reoccurring courses and coachings, keep the employees up to date and make sure that new information gets integrated into the working processes as quickly as possible. Special courses for special topics and new developments strengthen our employees skill-set as necessary.

We also manage the training of our own newcomers. Currently, every year about ten prospective travel agents learn about the future shaping workplace at GfR. Our own classes and regular goal-orientation-training supplement the theoretical input from their professional school. For the practical part, our prospective travel agents will experience all sections of the company. Almost all graduates are hired.

We also supplement our experienced travel agents with well suited candidates that enter our company with great experience from other commercial jobs. In combination with the theoretical part and the practical part, our newcomers quickly learn what really matters on the job.