360 – Fulfillment for your online travel business

No matter if it’s about classic customer care for your hotel-, fight or package travel clients via telephone and email or if you want to increase telephone sales; no matter if you prefer fast processing times or competent consultation or if both of them are equally important to you – GfR is your professional management partner for travellers.

We know what you are talking about. We have the employees that can take care of your customers: Trained travel agents and well trained professionals will make sure that your customers embark on the exact journey that they planned and are expecting in order to create lasting memories.

Because we know that even good things can be improved, we are constantly optimizing our processes and continues to train our employees to receive higher qualifications. Our own training-department continually works out new programs for employees. We make our performance transparent for you – our reports provide you with an overview of bookings, calls, emails and availability.

Employee statements:

There is a lot of involvement with customers – not two or three hour conversations like in a travel agency but a lot shorter therefore more intense conversations. You also close more per day. (Tomke Kenyon)

We also do multichannel: We service a lot of travel agencies outside of their business hours – they can tell their clients, that questions they may have can be answered until 10pm by an expert. That is creating customer loyalty for travel agencies. (Nicole Kunz)

In most internet fulfillment departments, it is similar to a travel agency except the customers are only on the phone. In our department, we do tour operator services, we mostly get calls from travel agencies. (Mevlüt Erdik)

We have both, customer and tour operator business, we are one of a kind. During training there is a prerequisite that you have to provide, to change your perception. There is always a different perception with which I have to conquer the tasks. (Patrizia Hartlieb)