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As a rapidly growing company, GfR currently has two different locations

Bochum – nucleus of GfR

GfR is a leader in structural change: Founded in Bochum twenty years ago as a start-up in the growing online touristic sector, the company has stayed loyal to its founding location but kept continually growing.

The location of the office at the Herner Street contributed to our growth: It is located centrally and is easy to access with public transportation. This location is now home to about 500 employees on 5000 square meters. Bochum is also home to all central functions such as IT, HR, finance and planning & steering.

Berlin – Working in Germany’s capital

In 2017, GfR opened a subsidiary in Berlin providing work for up to 50 employees. Our office is located in Wedding, close to the train and commuter station Gesundbrunnen.