Success story of a pioneer in online touristic

In 1997 GfR started “travelNet” as a platform for mobile travel mediators. Now the mobile travel mediators, who often start their business as a second job and through friends, have a professional and individualized platform which they can use to connect with their customers and grow their business.


Today, travelNet is the base for 1500 mediating partners. travelNet has evolved and continually expanded the pillars of the company: These pillars reach from 80 travel websites all the way to handling dynamic packagingtour operators. GfR was always up to date with the trend in online tourism which caused one of the biggest touristic companies in Germany, Thomas Cook, to purchase GfR in 2003. The company is still independently operated and continues to offer its services in the entire industry. Our milestone overview:

  • 1997 GfR is founded by Wolfgang Friedenstein and travelNet is established.
  • 1998 The company is sold to Lufthansa
  • 1999 Thomas Cook hires GfR
  • 2003 Thomas Cook purchases GfR from Lufthansa
  • 2004 Multiple travel websites become clients of GfR
  • 2005 Development of the first multi-channel concept for the Thomas Cook travel agencies. Opodo and become clients of GfR
  • 2007 GfR takes over the fulfillment of one of the first dynamic packaging tour operator (GoBucher)
  • 2008 The dynamic packaging tour operators XNEC and XTOC follow
  • 2009 The Thomas Cook Cruises are produced and handled by GfR
  • 2010 XAIR, XOGER and Tropo are other dynamic packaging tour operators that follow
  • 2012 GfR becomes fulfillment partner of Lufthansa Holidays
  • 2013 The dynamic tour operators YNEC and YTOC complete the client circle
  • 2014 Expedia becomes a GfR client
  • 2015 also become GfR Client
  • 2017 Check24
  • 2017 GfR opens Office in Berlin
  • 2018 provides service for all brands of Holidays AG
  • 2018 GfR opens a subsidiary in Palma de Majorca