Safe future infrastructure for competent travel experts

Safe future infrastructure for competent travel experts

If you want to be successful in the online tourism industry, you need state of the art technical infrastructure. This starts with well equipped and individualized work stations and goes all the way to perfect interfaces for the booking systems of the different travel websites. Here we rely on bought and self developed programs. A robotic-software assists our travel experts during the consultation of end consumers to ensure an efficient and quick offer that meets the consumers’ wishes. During this process, the system checks parameters such as customer groups or previous booking behavior with the current job at hand.

Our Systems:

Bookings, reservations and price comparison systems:
Amadeus Vista, Merlin/Sabre, Traffics Cosmo, Jack Plus, Bum@
Nurvis, IRIS Plus, Phoenix, Da Vinci, Blank
DatamixBackoffice, XRES, Peakwork, Travelviewer,
Bistroportal, LM Plus, Travel Office, Paxconnect

Client oriented task management:
Robotik-Software, Midoco, Inexso ERM

Personnel planning and job planning:
Teleopti CCC, SHP, AMT (Agent Management Tool, Eigenentwicklung der IT)

Communications IT:
Nortel Telefonanlage, Avaya Telefonanlage, Contact Center Manager, Zimbra Groupware, Confluence knowledge management solutions